“Court’s Approach to Prosecutrix Testimony in Sexual Assault Cases” (Transcription No. 36)

                    This Court in a long line of cases has given wider meaning to the word ‘consent’ in the context of sexual offences as explained in various judicial dictionaries. A woman who is victim of sexual assault is not an accomplice to the crime. Her evidence cannot be tested with suspicion as that of an … Read more

Transcription No. 35 (Contractual Disputes Even After Final Bill Acceptance)

                  On going through the entire materials including the oral and documentary evidence led in by both the parties and the judgment and decree of the trial Judge, we are unable to accept the only reasoning of the High Court in non-suiting the plaintiff. It is true that when the final bill was submitted, the … Read more

Transcription No. 25

                  On the basis of the definition, we can find in clause 2 (11) “undisclosed asset located outside India” means an asset (including financial interest in any entity) located outside India, held by the assessee in his name or in respect of which he is a beneficial owner, and he has no explanation about the … Read more

Transcription No. 22

             Sir, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak on the Companies (Amendment) Bill. Sir, this House and the other House passed the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2013 after an exercise of more than a decade. The Companies Act, 1956 was replaced by the Companies Act, 2013 after a prolonged discussion, deliberations with the … Read more

Transcription No. 21

                       The High Court fell in grave error in holding that the suit was barred by time, and ignored to appreciate that the right of the appellants to have the revenue record corrected arose when the appellants came to know about the wrong entry and the respondents failed to join the appellants in getting it … Read more

Transcription No. 20

                   The assessee, a cooperative society, engaged in the business of providing credit facilities to its members and marketing their agricultural produce, invested the surplus funds in short-term deposits with the Banks and in Government securities, and earned interest thereon. The assessee showed the said interest income under the head “Income from business” but the … Read more